Who is porschla coleman dating

Jason and Porschla were first seen together at a charity function hosted by Le Bron James.Most probably, the couple met for the first time there only.

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The news came out when Jason posted a pic on Twitter, in which Porschla and him were standing on the altar. Thanks to her healthy lifestyle, she got back into her stunning figure just in few weeks after she gave birth to Noah.After dating for nearly three years, they decided to commit themselves to the beautiful relationship of marriage.The couple had a child before their marriage, a son, whom they name Chance.After years of dating, and a child together, Jason Kidd married Porschla Coleman on September 10, 2011.News of the wedding broke when Kidd began tweeting about it, posting pictures of the pre-ceremony events and what appears to be the couple standing on the altar immediately after tying the knot.